rhondaaerosmith (rhondaaerosmith) wrote in stupidemailsims,

For once My man got IMed not me.

YoungAndReady4U: hey i saw ur profile on sexsearch
YoungAndReady4U: wanna chat?
dravencrow44: ok and you r?
YoungAndReady4U: my names andrew my friend told me about ur profile i dont actually have an account
YoungAndReady4U: i go on his though all the time
dravencrow44: is your friend Kevin?
YoungAndReady4U: whats his sexsearch name?
YoungAndReady4U: cuz i dont know a kevin
dravencrow44: ok nm
YoungAndReady4U: do u have any pics?
dravencrow44: sorry i'm engaged now
YoungAndReady4U: really?
YoungAndReady4U: congrats
YoungAndReady4U: so ur not into this anymore
YoungAndReady4U: ?
dravencrow44: nah sorry man
YoungAndReady4U: well if we keep it online its not cheating haha
dravencrow44: she's looking over my shoulder.
YoungAndReady4U: ohhh hahahahaha
YoungAndReady4U: well wait till shes gone lol
dravencrow44: SHE is gonna kill you
dravencrow44: nah I love her very much
YoungAndReady4U: lol...alright ill stop...good luck with the relationship
dravencrow44: thanx man
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