rhondaaerosmith (rhondaaerosmith) wrote in stupidemailsims,

iroros: hi
*** Auto-response sent to iroros: I am currently away from the computer.
iroros: <ding>
curlyhairone02: hi
iroros: k
curlyhairone02: and you are?
iroros: richrd
curlyhairone02: from where?
iroros: ar
iroros: frica
curlyhairone02: and you got my name from where?
iroros: u?
curlyhairone02: i'm from the states, m.a.
iroros: really
iroros: so do u mine making me friend/
iroros: ?
curlyhairone02: yes i do mind b/c i don't know you
iroros: k
iroros: u will soon no me
iroros: i,m nice to be with
curlyhairone02: how did you get my name
iroros: in the chat room
curlyhairone02: what chat room
curlyhairone02: i haven't been in a chat room in years
iroros: hey man dont be skiad ok
iroros: i dont mean any harm t
curlyhairone02: so what do you want
iroros: ust friend
iroros: just friend
curlyhairone02: that's alright i don't need any more friends
iroros: let's get to know our selfs
iroros: really
curlyhairone02: i know myself just fine
iroros: r u a student?
curlyhairone02: no
iroros: worker?
curlyhairone02: not yet
iroros: i'm a law student
curlyhairone02: nice
iroros: from the university of nigeria unsuka nigeria
curlyhairone02: yeah alot of people im me from there and i keep telling them i don't want to be friends
iroros: but i'm not like them
iroros: i'm different
curlyhairone02: okay so what
iroros: i'm my self that's it
curlyhairone02: okay and i'm married with twin boys
curlyhairone02: happily married
iroros: that's nice
iroros: me too
iroros: but with one girl
curlyhairone02: k
iroros: so
curlyhairone02: so what

and then he was blocked
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