rhondaaerosmith (rhondaaerosmith) wrote in stupidemailsims,


prince: hello cutty
prince: how are u dong
rhonda: i'm good and yourself?
prince: im ok
prince: want to know if we can be pals
rhonda: don't know you will have to ask my hubby
prince: and who is ur hubby dear
rhonda: lestat44
prince: oh ok
prince: well what should i ask him
rhonda: i don't know you are the one that wants to be
rhonda: he's next door anyways
prince: ok
prince: well hope ur boyfriend will understand i only
want u as a friend
rhonda: why
prince: nothing just saying so
prince: tell me what do u do dear
rhonda: take care of the twins
prince: i am and engineer and a dj
prince: ok
prince: good
prince: well must be a job for u guess
rhonda: yeah i gotta feed them, change diapers, love
rhonda: bath them
rhonda: bathe*
prince: oh ic
prince: well u mothers do very well in bringing us up
rhonda: well i'm new to it all
prince: happy belated mothers day
prince: so what do u have boys or girls
rhonda: boys
prince: wow great job
prince: more work
rhonda: yeah but they just sleep most of the time
prince: oh u are lucky
prince: so where is ur husband?
rhonda: he's next door talking with his folks
prince: ok
prince: i guess u love him soo much
rhonda: yeah i do love him
prince: how long have u been married?
prince: how long have u been married?
rhonda: couple of months
prince: mmm new couple i guess congrats
rhonda: yeah thanks
prince: so ur name again
rhonda: rhonda
prince: ok
prince: im dj
prince: well nice talking to u
rhonda: you too
prince: hope we get to talk next time
rhonda: well the boys are crying so bye
prince: k
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