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oh the crazies on yahoo

emadewida: hiiiii
*** Auto-response sent to emadewida: I am currently away from the computer.
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: hello
emadewida: hello
emadewida: how r u
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: i'm good
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: and yourself?
emadewida: do u have a pic plz
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: sure but why do you want one
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: where did you get my name from?
emadewida: by search
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: oh okay
emadewida: i want one cause u i think that u look so sexy
emadewida: plz
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: i'm married
emadewida: really
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: yes
emadewida: to a gay or what
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: no this is an old name
emadewida: may i see ur pic plz
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: this name was a joke i had with a good friend
emadewida: ok
emadewida: i c
emadewida: may i see ur pic plz
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: sure hold up
emadewida: ok
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v452/ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa/Medusa/
emadewida: ty
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: sure thang
emadewida: do u have kids
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: no
emadewida: ;)
emadewida: do u have a cam
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: no
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: where are you from
emadewida: :(
emadewida: egypt
emadewida: u
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: america
emadewida: cool
emadewida: have u ever been here
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: nope
emadewida: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
emadewida: u r soooooooooooo
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: so what?
emadewida: soooooooooo sexy
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: thanks, my husband is lucky
emadewida: really i envy him
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: i'll tell him that when he wakes up
emadewida: :)
emadewida: does he jealous
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: he doesn't like guys looking at me
emadewida: then he is
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: yeah so what
emadewida: do u like that
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: yeah i think it's cute
emadewida: do u love him
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: i do very much so, that's why i married him
emadewida: can u have a b\f
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: why do i need a boyfriend if i got a hubby?
emadewida: just ask
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: i don't want a boyfriend
emadewida: maybe u like to try another guy
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: no i picked my guy and married him
emadewida: does he satisfay u in doing love
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: yes very much so
emadewida: do u have a female friends with cam
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: no
emadewida: :(
emadewida: ok hun
ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: i am not your hun


ihaveagayboyfriendmedusa: goodbye
emadewida: bye
emadewida: take care
*** emadewida has been ignored.
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