rhondaaerosmith (rhondaaerosmith) wrote in stupidemailsims,

jjfaze:  hi
rhonda:  hello
jjfaze:  hi
jjfaze:  how are you
rhonda:  i'm okay and yourself
jjfaze:  i am cool
rhonda:  where ya from?
jjfaze:  i am from west covain
jjfaze:  in ca
jjfaze:  and you
rhonda:  mass
jjfaze:  ok
jjfaze:  what did you do for fun
rhonda:  just hang out with my fiance
rhonda:  we don't really do much
jjfaze:  do you hve one
rhonda:  have one what?
jjfaze:  ok
jjfaze:  what did you do for living
rhonda:  i did work at target but that's been almost a
year ago
jjfaze:  why
rhonda:  well first i moved from s.c. to m.a. then i put
my two weeks in b/c the management sucks
jjfaze:  to bed
jjfaze:  did your boy friend a job
rhonda:  yes
jjfaze:  ok
jjfaze:  what kind of job is that
rhonda:  he works at lowes
jjfaze:  ok
jjfaze:  i am working with abank in uk
rhonda:  cool
jjfaze:  do you yahoo id
rhonda:  do i have one? yes
jjfaze:  can you add me
rhonda:  why
jjfaze:  i love to chat with yu there
rhonda:  again why
jjfaze:  what
rhonda:  why do you want to talk to me more on
jjfaze:  ok
jjfaze:  bye
jjfaze:  if you can add me
rhonda:  curlyhairone02

so he adds me to his yahoo

*** jjfaze has added you to their contact list.  You may choose to accept or deny this action.  You may also add this user to your contact list or ignore this user.
*** You have been successfully added to jjfaze's contact list.
curlyhairone02: hello
jjfaze: hi
jjfaze: are you there
curlyhairone02: yes
curlyhairone02: what's up
jjfaze: not thing
curlyhairone02: so what did you want to talk about
jjfaze: can you help
curlyhairone02: with what
jjfaze: by help my to cash my check
curlyhairone02: i don't have an account
jjfaze: you take it to bank
curlyhairone02: k
jjfaze: can i have your address
curlyhairone02: i'll have to talk this over with my fiance
jjfaze: ok
jjfaze: bye for now
curlyhairone02: bye
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