rhondaaerosmith (rhondaaerosmith) wrote in stupidemailsims,

I couldn't figure out where I knew him from

bigdaddyluv692002: hi
*** Auto-response sent to bigdaddyluv692002: I am currently idle.
rhonda_aerosmith: hi
bigdaddyluv692002: ih
bigdaddyluv692002: let me guess, ur busy
rhonda_aerosmith: a little why
bigdaddyluv692002: j/a
rhonda_aerosmith: what's up
bigdaddyluv692002: ur busy
rhonda_aerosmith: just a little bit
rhonda_aerosmith: okay all done
bigdaddyluv692002: hmm hows life w/ u n ur bf?
rhonda_aerosmith: wonderful
bigdaddyluv692002: hmm
rhonda_aerosmith: what
bigdaddyluv692002: nuthin
rhonda_aerosmith: what's up with you
bigdaddyluv692002: nuthin up w/ me
bigdaddyluv692002: im just being my self is all:)
rhonda_aerosmith: k
bigdaddyluv692002: u dont have a pic of yourself at all do u?
rhonda_aerosmith: i do have pictures
bigdaddyluv692002: can i pls see a pic of u ?
rhonda_aerosmith: where did you get my name from again?
rhonda_aerosmith: brb
bigdaddyluv692002: u were on my messenger list
bigdaddyluv692002: u have been on my yahoo list for a long time
rhonda_aerosmith: uh okay i don't think so b/c i have only had this name for a year
bigdaddyluv692002: y have been on my list then
rhonda_aerosmith: i don't know i didn't add you b/c you aren't on my list
bigdaddyluv692002: could u pls send me a pic of u to my yahoo id?
bigdaddyluv692002: would u pls be willin to do that?:
rhonda_aerosmith: i'm looking for a pic
bigdaddyluv692002: ok hope ur not yellin at  me or something
rhonda_aerosmith: no
bigdaddyluv692002: -ok
bigdaddyluv692002: u dont have any kids do u?
rhonda_aerosmith: i do have one in heaven
bigdaddyluv692002: awh, how old was he or she
rhonda_aerosmith: i was 12 weeks
rhonda_aerosmith: http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c4/Rhondaaerosmith/Rhonda%20and%20Josh/Mvc-014s.jpg
bigdaddyluv692002: what the heck?
bigdaddyluv692002: i just pulled up that site and it didnt show anything but a bunch a weird stuff
rhonda_aerosmith: it should just be a pic of me and my boyfriend
rhonda_aerosmith: http://s24.photobucket.com/albums/c4/Rhondaaerosmith/Rhonda%20and%20Josh/
bigdaddyluv692002: why didnt u just show me a pic of u and not ur bf
rhonda_aerosmith: that's the only pic i have
bigdaddyluv692002: Sorry, the page you requested was not found
bigdaddyluv692002: thats what the page said when i tried to open it
rhonda_aerosmith: http://rhondaaerosmith.livejournal.com/156919.html?nc=2
rhonda_aerosmith: try that
bigdaddyluv692002: is that u wearing a mask?
rhonda_aerosmith: no my boyfriend
bigdaddyluv692002: what about the one w/ Long hair?
rhonda_aerosmith: that's me i'm the only female
rhonda_aerosmith: with the hats
rhonda_aerosmith: in the pink hoodie
bigdaddyluv692002: hmm ic
bigdaddyluv692002: u can always email me too u know:)
rhonda_aerosmith: that's okay
bigdaddyluv692002: what u mean thats ok? what u dont want to?
rhonda_aerosmith: no i don't want to email you, i hardly email my mother
bigdaddyluv692002: hmm
bigdaddyluv692002: id give u my cell phone number but its suspended til it gets paid off
rhonda_aerosmith: that's okay i wouldn't call ya anyways
bigdaddyluv692002: hmm
bigdaddyluv692002: :(
bigdaddyluv692002: im sry u feel that way
rhonda_aerosmith: i don't pay the phone bill and i don't need to talk to another guy
bigdaddyluv692002: hmm
bigdaddyluv692002: well i msry
rhonda_aerosmith: i'm not, I have a great guy
rhonda_aerosmith: don't wanna screw it up
bigdaddyluv692002: like i said im sryt ok im just tryin to be your friend ok?
bigdaddyluv692002: sheesh
bigdaddyluv692002: :(
rhonda_aerosmith: well I'll let ya talk to my boyfriend and see what he thinks
bigdaddyluv692002: nah
rhonda_aerosmith: he's right here if ya wanna ask him
rhonda_aerosmith: and you got my name from me.com but I don't have an account there anymore b/c of too many men hitting on me
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